EP review: The Lost Souls Club “High Noon”

by Brendan Martin

This third EP from The Lost Souls Club is going to be the major breakout that will take this band to redemption.  But judging by their latest release, High Noon, it seems they have already found rock’n’roll salvation.  Listening to this EP is refreshing, like a dip in an ice cold lake during the long, hot, dog days of summer.

The similarity to the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is uncanny; the riffs, the drums and the lyrics sound very similar, yet it manages to remain distinctly different.  They’re standing on the shoulders of giants, and making themselves mighty tall as a result.  For fans of the Brian Jonestown Massacre or the Black Rebel Motorcyle Club this EP will be a welcome audio-adventure for the eardurms.

High Noon maintains a manic, yet well organized sound throughout.  It’s loud, fuzzy, ass kicking rock.  The Lost Souls Club have certainly delivered something tasty.

That being said, the EP does open itself to minor criticism: “Romeo”, the first song on the EP, definitely runs the risk of sounding too generic.  Although this might be great for mass popularity and radio play, it doesn’t reflect The Lost Souls Club’s affinity for soul satisfying rock’n’roll the way the other songs on High Noon do.

After four fast-paced, hard rockin’ songs, the final song on the EP “I Know I Spoke Too Soon”  brings the listener back down to earth with a mellow, relaxed groove.  The song is as smooth as polished Carrara marble, it sounds nice and cool while exhuding a dream-like feel. A great way to finish off the manic daydream.

High Noon might put The Los Souls Club into the rock’n’roll spotlight.  It will be interesting to hear how their sound evolves after this EP because they seem to have done quite well so far.