Fine Times: An exploration in fun

text: Evie Saphire-Bernstein

Fine Times is pop at its best: light, fun, infectious, and fully capable of getting stuck in your head for hours, if not days. The duo, originally from Vancouver, set this album on fire and then let it go with ease. Their new single, “Hey Judas,” is a dreamy mixture of harmonies, synth, and heart – with a pop hook that conjures up memories of first love and summertime. “Take all my money, my money, my money….don’t stop here,” the lead singer pleads to his listeners.

Taking his advice, a listen to the rest of the album reveals that it’s just as good as the lead single suggests. Some of the songs rely more on synthesizers than others, but it does not detract from the smooth blend of voices, and the musicality the band exudes with every stroke, and every beat. Personal favorites are “Hungry Siamese,” “Lions,” and “Bright Lights” – they expel a dance party sound, while maintaining a soulfully beating heart.

Their sound is ephemeral, yet completely their own. Fast and slow, a single vocal blends into a crowd easily, and you get the feeling that at times, they are following the beat, just like you. This album takes you on a journey, and this journey is a fun one.

Light at times, the self-titled Fine Times makes good on its promise and expands upon it: not only Fine Times ahead, but fun ones as well. You feel it in the music, it reminds you of the past—and it excites you for the future. For your future, but also theirs.One wonders when, not if, Fine Times will hit it big. You know it’s coming just around the corner.