As a non-commercial organization Quip Magazine exists entirely due to dedication and hard work of our team members and contributors. Our funding comes solely from advertising sales and sponsorships.

Sponsored funding and in-kind donations enable Quip to fulfill its mission and to continue delivering high quality, original content to it’s audiences across North America.

Quip Network offers organizations the opportunity to communicate their brand message to our audience using a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods. Our audience  are Urban Trendsetting Millennials aged 24-34.

Sponsorship types: 

QUIPMAG.COM & LIVE EVENTS: Our goal is to produce original and relevant content tailored specifically for our target audience. As an organization Quip promotes positive, diverse experiences and strives to be the main source for music, culture, art, and independent film news.

Millennials are a generation that is addicted to their mobile devices and is extremely dependent on the Internet. Trendsetting Metropolitans spend nearly 40 hours a week online and that is exactly where we are!

By becoming a Quip Magazine sponsor you will be able to align your brand with a publication that this niche audience not only visits frequently but trust.


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To learn more about levels and opportunities or to acquire a media kit reach out to sponsorships[@]quipmag.com