Kateryna Topol Chief Creative Director/Editor

Art director, designer, music junkie, photographer, writer, and a shoe addict. With a rich background in communications, culture, art, and anthropology Kateryna brings together a wide range of flavors by seeking out the most fascinating people and the most interesting of stories for Quip.

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Megan Duplessis Copy Editor

Megan graduated from university with a Sociology degree. She currently lives in Ottawa with her husband. She loves wine and cheese and she’s an avid reader. Little known fact – she is obsessed with horror movies. Editing for Quip keeps her up to date with urban culture!

Anna Topol Copy Editor/Developer 

Anna is a software developer and Quip’s resident tech junkie. She loves robots, music, and visual arts. Having spent a great number of years in academia Anna is pro Oxford comma and against overuse of semicolons.

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Stefanie Ioannides Copy Editor 

Stefanie is a York University graduate with a love of reading, writing, photography and sports. She gets a kick out of correcting others work and watching the Food Network.

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Ashley Kolpak Chicago

Ashley was born, raised and currently lives in Chicago. She went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study media, of all things. Now she writes and edits to her heart’s content (and then some) in the Windy City. Music and music writing make her enormously happy. Dream triple-bill: Justice, Phoenix, Daft Punk headlining. It’ll happen one day. Red wine-drinker, non-fiction enthusiast, dedicated Francophile with a sassy streak.

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Jackie Willson Toronto

From a childhood love of everything fashionable, Jackie is pursuing a career within the fashion industry through events, PR, and now writing.  She is currently working for the not-for-profit company, Fashion Takes Action, and is comfortable with dabbling in all things social and, of course, being quite stylish while doing it.

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Irene Lo Vancouver

Irene Lo is a recent University of British Columbia graduate with an unhealthy preoccupation for crop tops and maxi skirts. She spends her time pinning and discovering music that was relevant five years ago. One of her aspirations is to be “witty” like those people on Twitter

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Scott Wilson, Chicago

Scott Wilson graduated from the University of Iowa where he was taught to be nice and read quietly by himself. His work has been featured in Chinese in-flight magazines, eco-friendly and sustainable blogs, and organic grass fed literary journals. He also works as a bike mechanic. In the past he has dabbled in black magic, voodoo, Satanic rituals, and shopping at Wal-mart -but it was a phase. Scott is a good guy. He’s never stolen anything, he has good table manners, he bikes slowly and wears a helmet.

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Jade Newton Chicago

A self-professed hip hop and reggae head, Jade is a native of the Windy City. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. A retired pageant queen – coming out of retirement – she currently works as a brand ambassador and spends most of her free time reading, writing, and volunteering with non-profit organizations. Jade enjoys the entire spectrum of music, thanks to her musician father and her uncle, both of whom taught her to appreciate all genres of music.

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Laura Eley Toronto

Laura is a bright-eyed Toronto native, with a penchant for the Scarborough Bluffs and dachshunds. After graduating with a B.A. in English, she wandered through the world of television production before snuggling into a 9-5 job with free coffee. Currently, she writes freelance and is working on numerous idea nuggets that she hopes will someday be something. If she won the Mega Millions – or was J.K. Rowling, same thing – she would pay off her friends’ debt (yeah, it’s good to be her friend) and spend her days biking the Yukon, shopping Paris, and drinking Starbucks in NYC.

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Alexander Leonard Toronto

Alex moved to Toronto from Romania when he was three and a half years old. He disappointed his hard working parents by chasing his dreams and studying film and theatre at Queen’s. Now an advertising copywriter, he chases his other dream of being an arts and culture journalist by contributing to Quip.

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Michael Glader Chicago

A Chicago-area native, Michael works as a freelance writer and performs music under the name, Red Francis. Having received a music business degree in Denver, CO, Michael migrated south to New Orleans where he lived and wrote for a New Orleans travel blog, GoNola. Now currently living in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, Michael regularly works out of the fine confines of Star Lounge Coffee Bar. You can find him there sporting a horseshoe mustache.

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Sam Hawkins Vancouver

A twenty-four year old Vancouver native, who lived in a motorhome so long, he’s having trouble readjusting back to a house. With an educational background in English literature, he’s trying his best to approach music without any air of pretention.

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Rose Blanton Chicago

She was born and bred in California but wasn’t long for the Golden State. After receiving her Bachelor degree from the University of Missouri she traveled through Asia and South America teaching English. She recently relocated from Chicago to Portland, OR and is starting her Masters in Education. Rose has been writing for Quip for four years and shows no signs of stopping. While it’s no secret she misses The Empty Bottle, she’s definitely finding her new terrain a treat to discover.

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Max Jones Montreal

Max Jones is a jack-of-all-trades whose resume includes teaching English in Taiwan as well as Math in a Pittsburgh County Jail. He is currently operating out of the Southwest Quarter of Montréal, which has been his home since he graduated with a Diploma in Communications from Concordia University in 2008. You can find him revelling in all the culture Montréal has to offer, or staying in to watch hours of bad TV.

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Madeline Reynolds Chicago

Originally from Minneapolis, Madeline relocated to the great city of Chicago to study Journalism at Columbia College. She has contributed to local blogs and publications including Chicago Innerview and Violentsuccess.com and has interned for music venues around the city as well as Do312 (part of DoStuff Media). Through her writing, Madeline has found a way to combine her two biggest passions in life: writing & music. She also loves coffee, Wes Anderson films, and all things Middle Earth.

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Susan Shelton Flagstaff, Arizona

As a student at Northern Arizona University, Susan studies Creative Media and Film with an emphasis in documentary studies and a minor in English. She writes poetry and short stories and uses her film expertise to create clay animated shorts and poetry compilations. In addition to making documentaries, Susan also enjoys working her blue-collar fast food job, keeping up to date on the climate crisis, and planning her imaginary life outside of the state of Arizona.

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Anna St ClairNew YorkMontreal

Anna grew up in Queens, NY where she learned how to talk loudly and write well. She now divides her time between Montreal, where she is studying  English and Political Science at McGill,  and New York, where her summer job consists of writing product descriptions for Halloween costumes. She loves exploring new places in her city, especially while listening to good music and sipping a strong iced coffee.

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Sherron Shabazz Chicago

Sherron likes big butts and he cannot lie. In addition, he is a freelance writer with an intense passion for hoops and Hip-Hop culture. He’s shared his opinions for various outlets including SLAM Online, Swish Appeal, and HipHopDX.com. Currently, Sherron interviews the biggest and brightest artists in rap at TheRealHip-Hop.com.

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Monica Wang Vancouver

Monica Wang is thinking of a male pen name – perhaps Mark Wayne. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in English and philosophy and currently writes copy for a living. Her writing has helped sell prayers to worriers and facelifts to actresses. She enjoys opera, ballet, and alternative rock.

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Matt Caprioli New York

Matt Caprioli was born in San Diego, raised in LA, moved to Alaska, went to college in MA, and now lives in New York City. He reads a lot of fiction. His accolades include being a good person and winning the California State Under 12 Figure Skating Competition. During the day he sells fancy paper to the likes of David Sedaris, Dan Akroyd and Lady Gaga’s mother.

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Christopher Sweeney Toronto

Christopher Sweeney is an award-winning screenwriter and graphic novelist. His digital mash-up series, Women Are From Mars, has been enjoyed by comedy and space-buffs worldwide. His comedy script about a dysfunctional parent council, Parental Advisory: Disciplinary Measures, was made into a bravoFACT-funded short film and can be found on its website. His related comedy series was a Finalist in the National Screen Institute Totally TV development program. He is currently co-writing the pilot for a Colombian television series based on a true story about a burglary ring in NYC. He has written a number of award-winning graphic novels, which are distributed through Canada, the U.S., Australia and the U.K. You can check out his humorous blog about being a modern dad, Pop Culture, at: popculture-superdad.blogspot.com.

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Liz Bradley Chicago

Liz lives in Bucktown with her husband, dog and two cats.She Went to Columbia College Chicago where she studied journalism. Even though she was a journalism major she ended up becoming an office manager and recently, after seven years of living in the Chicago Suburbs grabbed a job downtown again. She has a passion for writing, music and everything about Chicago.

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Luis Enriquez Toronto

Luis is a Toronto based photographer. His work has been published in various media and incorporates fashion, portrait, event, wedding, commercial and fine art.  Luis has always been fascinated with photography and the many creative opportunities and life experiences it offers. When not shooting he can be found indulging his passion for music by listening to his extensive music collection, playing his guitars and saxophones or taking in a live concert.

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Ed Lau Vancouver

Ed is a Vancouver-based photographer and videographer, mostly in photojournalism, events and yes, what he happens to be eating. He would rather being behind a camera than doing just about anything else on the planet but when not shooting, he enjoys music and movies of all genres as long as they’re good…or at least so bad that they’re good.

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Kris Lori Fuentes Cortes Chicago

Kris is a photographer traveling between Chicago and Boston. She is currently finishing up her last year at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is known as the wanderer. If she’s not taking a random trip somewhere new, she can be found at shows around the city. She focuses primarily on concert photography but has been expanding on her photography. She dabbles in radio, music marketing, social media management, and interviewing too. Hopes to become a tour manager one day/ own the largest collection of coffee ever.

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Erik Shaw Toronto

Erik Shaw is a Toronto based freelance photographer with an aptitude for music and events. His introduction to photography happened at the age of five, when his dad put a disposable camera in his hands and he has been hooked ever since. When he isn’t pointing a camera at something, he spends most of his time cooking delicious food, volunteering, hiking, and looking for any excuse to point a camera.

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Mike Ford Toronto

Mike is a freelance photographer based in Toronto. While his forté is portraiture and still life, he enjoys photographing live shows. Mike’s photography has been featured in various magazines including Marketing, dandyhorse, YorkU, and Canadian Business magazines.

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Grace Wiley Chicago

Grace is a music and sports photographer from Chicago. She has focused her career on working with sports teams such as the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Sky. She has also worked in publications as a photography intern for Time Out Chicago and a Photo Editor for the Columbia Chronicle. She loves to listen to all genres of music and loves to attend shows every month.

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Bianca Lecompte Montreal

Bianca Lecompte, Montreal based photographer that specializes in portraiture, travel, documentary & illustration. Curious and passionate of foreign cultures, she documents passionately her journeys abroad. Currently focussing on building a serie of illustrative portraiture using different types of mediums. Some of her work can be seen on CBC, Metro, QuipMag, Forget the Box and Elementality & Cancuníssimo.

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Othello Banaci Silver Spring, New York

Othello Banaci is a passionate, risk-taking writer of light. He started his photography journey back in 2004 with 35mm film. Since then he has been published in both print and online publications. He believes in progression, living each day with motivations to surpass the previous. In addition, to being a photographer, he is a professional videographer.

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Stephen Caissie Toronto

Stephen is a self-taught photographer living and working in Toronto. His forte is portraiture, of the editorial and fashion sort, although he does have a bit of a soft spot for landscapes. He also enjoys ghost town hunting in and around southern Ontario, collecting and refinishing antiques, learning Japanese and designing logos for heavy metal bands in far-off countries. He shares his home with a wonderfully supportive wife and a completely indifferent cat.

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Matthew He Toronto

Photographer, musician, traveler, student, and coffee addict. These are just a few things that Matt is. After years of being crammed into an apartment inside the biggest city on Earth (Shanghai), Matt has retreated into the cozy comforts of an Oakville townhouse. That, however, does not mean he’s forgotten the fun of city life. His love for photography started when he bought an old camera off craigslist, and since then, he has captured the remarkable lives of many individuals across the world. 

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Gregory Forsberg Vancouver

Gregory Forsberg is a Vancouver based photographer. He likes to shoot a bit of everything and has destroyed cameras all over the world. He likes ravioli, dark chocolate, and climbing up the sides of things for a better view.

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Linx Selby  Montreal

With a background in performing, visual and fine arts, Linx is a photographer, videographer, balinese dancer, violinist, writer, student and city explorer currently based in Montreal. She recently founded a nightlife photography and culture blog, Liminal Productions and she shoots and writes for  various other Montreal based blogs and publications. For her, capturing the tactility of life and forging connections through the lens is the real beauty of photography.

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Rodolfo Moraga Montreal

Rodolfo Moraga grew up in Guatemala and studied in France. Currently living and working in Montreal, Rodolfo is exploring his abilities as an artist and photographer through creative work, fashion photography, and collaborative projects. He’s currently also working for several webzines and local designers.

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Chris Robinson Toronto

Chris Robinson is a Toronto based photographer/part time cookie monster hailing from the deep dark back woods of norther Ontario Canada. His eye for top notch image quality and sense of humour make his work stand alone from the rest.

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Katherine Peters Chicago

Katherine is a photojournalist based outside of Chicago. As a lifelong suburbanite her passion for photography grew from her desire to document life in her community. From local pet parades to sweaty punk rock shows in strange basements—she will never turn down an opportunity to capture an interesting moment. In her free time Katherine is either working as a floral designer or searching thrift stores for vintage treasures. She recently received her BA in photography from Columbia College Chicago.

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Emily Cheng New York

Emily Cheng is from Taiwan and a freelance photographer based in New York.  Her works have been published in several music magazines in New York and Taiwan. For many years of shooting live shows, she is good at catching live moments..

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Megan Mack New York  

LA native, Megan Mack is a photographer who specializes in portraiture and documentary style photography. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, she began photographing subjects in and around Los Angeles for various print magazines. Her work is deeply interested in the intersection of subject and environment. Currently, she splits her time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

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Adam Oles Chicago

Adam Oles, aka “Aren’t you that one guy who takes those cool pictures?” is a Chicago based photographer who specializes in capturing events, nightlife and concerts. With all of the creative talent in Chicago, Adam is constantly inspired to learn and try new things to make his photos unique. On the rare occasion when he doesn’t have a camera attached to his hand, Adam enjoys being an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan and also has a slight obsession with playing bar trivia.

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Christopher I. Brown Chicago

Christopher has always been a collector of dreams and passions but his journey as a photographer has led him to many different places. Having shot different individuals such as ‪Saul Williams, ‪Raekwon, Dr. Cornel West, ‪Chance The Rapper and plenty more, Christopher’s biggest mission in life is to protect the ancient ability to tell a story through a photograph.

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Matt Stratton Toronto

Matt is a Toronto based photographer originally from Newfoundland. Matt shoots landscape, portraits and events, but his photography passion is live music. His love of music started early, picking up a guitar at the age of 8 and then playing in bands during high school and university. He now combines these two passions to capture special moments and tell stories.

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Manny Diaz Chicago

Manny is a freelance photographer from Chicago that focuses mainly on concerts. He received his big break in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. He is a recent Graphic Design graduate from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. His spare time is occupied by spending time with friends and his puppy, Loki.

Published photos // Instagram

Vicki Mahony Toronto

Vicky first started out in video around 10 years ago, which started the passion for photography. She got her first DSLR in 2009 and took lots of travel, surreal portraits and candids as my time as a teenager and thereafter school plays. Having tried video over and over again it still didn’t feel like the right fit but the love for photography grew with the years. She came across concert photography by Brad Heaton who shot for Twenty One Piliots’ Emotional Roadshow tour and thought, “this is totally my style, that must be a dream job.” And then, a new career opened up and now she is pursuing her two greatest loves: music and photography.

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